International Patient Office

Set-up, support and supervision of your International Patient Office

An international patient office (IPO) is a win-win for hospitals and other health care providers by facilitating access to care for international patients while maximizing the potential for revenue and medical advances.


– Strategy development
– Service definition
– Process definition and implementation
– Tasks for partners
– Partner management
– Positioning
– Cost bearer communication
– Positioning in international markets

We will gladly accompany and support you beginning with the development of the appropriate process organization for your company.
Another strength is the support of your go-to-market in your target markets.
Medium-sized organizations can now also use IPO services through our shared services.

Topics & Benefits

Access to a broader patient pool:

By establishing an international patient office, your hospital will attract patients from different parts of the world. This increases patient diversity and allows the hospital to offer a broader range of medical services.

Increased revenue:

International patients are willing to pay for high-quality medical care. This helps increase hospital revenues and provide financial resources for improvements and expansion.

Strengthening the reputation:

If a hospital provides internationally recognized medical services, it will enhance the reputation of the facility. This also leads to national patients feeling more attracted.

Improved medical expertise:

By caring for international patients, hospitals can attract medical staff with a broader range of experience and skills. This contributes to the improvement of medical expertise.

Cultural Competence:

An international patient office trains hospital staff in cultural sensitivity and communication. This allows for better care of patients from different cultural backgrounds – including those from within the country.

Increased international networking:

Caring for international patients can help foster international partnerships and collaborations with other healthcare facilities around the world. This improves access to medical expertise and research opportunities.

Improved patient experience:

International patients often need additional support when traveling to a foreign country. An international patient office provides services such as arranging accommodations, translation services, and cultural accompaniment to make the patient experience more comfortable.

Increasing competitiveness:

Hospitals that appeal to international patients can differentiate themselves in a competitive healthcare market and gain a competitive advantage.

Contribution to medical research and education:

Caring for international patients can also expand a hospital’s databases and research capabilities, which will contribute to advances in medical research and education.

Promotion of medical tourism:

An international patient office helps boost medical tourism by targeting patients traveling abroad for medical treatment. This can be an important source of revenue for cities and towns.

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