Structures, processes, methods and capabilities.

Requirements for structures, processes, methods and the capacities and capabilities of the organization are subject to constantly changing framework conditions.

We advise you by identifying internal optimization potentials and looking at the most important topics and their significance for your company. We develop options for action and individual success criteria.

We teach the methodology, help with project planning and, if desired, are happy to accompany the process.


– Competence and capacity planning in marketing, sales and services
– Digitization
– Communication architecture
– E-commerce
– Potential identification by means of ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ among others
– Executive coaching

Investments in documented and certified processes are used consistently and in line with the needs of markets and employees.
Optimally leverage systems, applications, knowledge, and capabilities for efficiency and flourishing from the development to the ordering process.


B2B mechanical engineering:
‘Lean’ project in product development to have more than 10 departments work together more efficiently.

B2B Software:
Development and implementation of an effective process model between consulting and sales departments.

B2B Plant Engineering:
Development of communication architecture for the entire company and support of the gradual growth into this architecture.

B2B services:
Post-merger integration with a focus on cross-selling

Success factors

Management awareness and commitment.

– Understanding of what ‘better than today’ means.
– Focus on small steps, quick implementation successes and projects against the backdrop of medium and long-term goals.
– Open and constructive approach to gaps and errors.
– Involvement and/or development of theme champions from division management to staff.
– Willingness to invest for the implementation of projects and programs

Test us

You invest 45 minutes in a predefined short briefing. We in the elaboration of measures, which we will present to you in a joint meeting.
We like to be measured by whether the issues we identify, their urgency and our approach, are relevant to you.
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What we advise

Topics include digitization and automation projects, development in marketing, sales & services, and organizational development.

Build on existing strengths. Understand the desired goal before taking action.
Determine the steps with own results to the desired goal.


We set up the consulting and the choice of methods with the aim to provide our clients with their own models of strategy development, project planning and implementation.

The nature of the collaboration is aimed at knowledge transfer. The results are recorded in documentation.


We like to take responsibility and accompany accordingly the topics that our customers have developed with us.

In addition, we also provide tools, content and specialized partners for hopefully ongoing developments in our Develop-it-Yourself portal.
True to our motto: “your own development in your own hands”.