Specialized personnel

Recruiting, training and on-boarding

Germany, like many other countries, suffers from a shortage of healthcare professionals. Foreign nurses, physicians and therapists can help fill these gaps and ensure that patients receive appropriate care and attention.


– Determination of demand
– Selection of origin
– Digitally supported recruitment
– Determination of further training
– Course program and learning support
– Digital on-boarding
– Relocation
– On-boarding and coninuous support

Careful planning and sustainable integration are critical to attracting and retaining international professionals as a valued part of your organization for the long term.
We advise and accompany you from the individual conception for your organisation – set-up, processes, contacts – from planning to implementation.

Topics & Benefits

Flexibility and adaptability:

Medical personnel from abroad often have experience in different healthcare systems and can quickly adapt to new work environments and requirements. This helps to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of healthcare facilities.

Specialized Skills:

Medical personnel from abroad bring specialized skills and qualifications that may be difficult to find in Germany. This can increase the quality of health care in certain specialties.

Diversity and intercultural competence:

Staff from different countries bring different cultural backgrounds and experiences that contribute to diversity and intercultural competence in healthcare facilities. This can improve patient care and facilitate communication with patients from different cultures.

Employee Journey:

Good on-boarding and continued support not only helps existing staff but also ensures employee satisfaction. As part of our collaboration, we are happy to support management and HR in optimizing the employee journey for all employees as well.

Global Network:

Our global network gives you access to educational institutions and professionals. It also ensures a diversity of countries of origin. This also ensures the right mix in the staff.

Targeted training:

Our training and accreditation services allow you to focus on your core business. Our training adapts flexibly to the state and needs of your organisation – whether only the language and individual circumstances are taught or subject specifics need to be added.

Flexible services

After coordination with you, we take over parts of processes or the entire organization and handling.

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You invest 45 minutes in a predefined short briefing. We in the elaboration of measures, which we will present to you in a joint meeting.
We like to be measured by whether the issues we identify, their urgency and our approach, are relevant to you.
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What we advise

Topics include digitization and automation projects, development in marketing, sales & services, and organizational development.

Build on existing strengths. Understand the desired goal before taking action.
Determine the steps with own results to the desired goal.


We set up the consulting and the choice of methods with the aim to provide our clients with their own models of strategy development, project planning and implementation.

The nature of the collaboration is aimed at knowledge transfer. The results are recorded in documentation.


We like to take responsibility and accompany accordingly the topics that our customers have developed with us.

In addition, we also provide tools, content and specialized partners for hopefully ongoing developments in our Develop-it-Yourself portal.
True to our motto: “your own development in your own hands”.