Site Development

starting from location analysis through to operating

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with site development for healthcare facilities. For all scenarios, from the expansion or conversion of existing properties to complete new construction and we offer you customized solutions to successfully implement your project. Local, regional and international.


– Location analysis
– Market studies
– Services definition
– Positioning
– Financial planning
– Project management
– Compliance
– Operating strategies

Our team includes healthcare specialists, medical professionals and therapists, organizational developers, marketing and digitalization specialists, civil engineers and project managers to cover the range of tasks required and according to your own capabilities and capacity.
The evaluation of feasibility is the first thing to do.

Flexibility in the process

The first phase is all about feasibility.
Within the framework of the location analysis, market studies, definition of services, clarification of positioning and financial planning, it is clarified how and also whether the project can be sensibly implemented. Our experts conduct comprehensive analyses to combine, among other things, the locations, the needs from the target market and the financial planning into a feasibility in a business plan.

If the feasibility is positive, it goes into implementation. Here our experts help to lead the project in all facets to the desired success. From construction to processes and management systems, organizational development and future strategies, marketing and patient satisfaction, creating an exemplary site.

In the implementation phase, we provide systems, processes and documentation that ensure our customers are transparent about progress and able to participate at all times.

Test us

You invest 45 minutes in a predefined short briefing. We in the elaboration of measures, which we will present to you in a joint meeting.
We like to be judged on whether the issues we identify, their urgency and our approach, are relevant to you.
Use the appointment request on the right, the form below or call us at +49 2151 9717940.

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What we advise

Topics include digitization and automation projects, development in marketing, sales & services, and organizational development.

Build on existing strengths. Understand the desired goal before taking action.
Determine the steps with own results to the desired goal.


We set up the consulting and the choice of methods with the aim to provide our clients with their own models of strategy development, project planning and implementation.

The nature of the collaboration is aimed at knowledge transfer. The results are recorded in documentation.


We like to take responsibility and accompany accordingly the topics that our customers have developed with us.

In addition, we also provide tools, content and specialized partners for hopefully ongoing developments in our Develop-it-Yourself portal.
True to our motto: “your own development in your own hands”.