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With our partners Preventicum and GETiCS we develop health centres focussed on rehabilitation. Our centres stand out by integrating disciplines across a range of services with the focus on the patient recovery and ongoing wellness.
The disciplines are centred around Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and include Prosthetics and Orthotics, Athletics and Sports and, Training.
Our patient centred services are delivered by specialised medical practitioners within our facilities and supported by renown specialists from our global team.
Patients are guided and supported throughout their journey utilising technology and methods to create an exceptional experience for long term heath improvement.

Servicing patients from around the world.
Take a dive into our centre for Rehabilitation.

Dive into the Preventicum Clinic and the GETiCS centre in our 360° tour. Double click to enter the full screen mode. Use the hot-spots to move around and get more information from the active panels.

360° Tour of Preventicum

360° Tour of GETiCS

Bright Futures are Enabled here: Rebuilding Joy, Step by Step.

An inspiring Vision & Mission
We envision an environment where every individual, regardless of region or background, has access to world-class health and therapeutic care.
We aim to lead in answering the increasing demand for, and access to quality care and therapy beyond the health facilities into the homes of patients, fostering a healthier and more inclusive world.Dedicated to pioneering transformation in the landscape of rehabilitation, we prioritise the underserved North-African and Arabian market focussing.
Our mission is to make heath care accessible, foster growth, champion diversity, and set global standards for superior rehabilitation outcomes.
We will bridge the divide within the disciplines, enhance accessibility and patient centric management, provide immersive training, nurturing care and support based on international best practices in-line with the Helsinki Accords and supporting the UN SDGs.

Health Care Mission

Making an Impact

The perspectives on the health systems varies between patients, government departments and cost bearing institutions.

Patient centred Benefits:
– Immersive digital tooling for anamnesis, tailored guides, communication and data sharing focussed on accessibility
– Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment prevention and care in the centre of treatment and at home
– Health care provisioning enabling access to best-fit specialists locally and if required globally
– Management services to cater to the needs of the patients and their supporting family

Benefits for the Region:
– Attracting international funding for scaling
– Embedding know-how in the medical system
– Medical data for health policy planning
– Public Health monitoring and trend indications
– Increasing health awareness
– Utilisation of existing facilities
– Enhanced digital technology for medical services

Impact & Measures:
– Pre- and post-treatment preventive measures directly impacting core public health indicators
– Measurably bringing patients back to a socially meaningful life
– Digital tooling to reduce redundancy of diagnostic and treatment needs
– Increasing reach and accessibility through digital interfacing to cater to diverse cultural environments
– Improved capabilities of regional medical practitioners
– Increase use of preventive measures
– Increased adherence to health and preventive plans
– Reduced rate of recurring patients for the same condition
– Reduced need for health travel and import of expertise

Our Approach

Adapting to specific Needs
– Assessment of most required areas of systemic improvement
– Assessment of available resources
– Opportunity assessment for scaling and funding
– Adaptation of the operating model to the assessment results and viable opportunities
– Adaptation of the required teams, timeframes and project plan

Building the Services
– Project planning & management
– Implementation, test and quality control
– Stakeholder communication and management
– Software development and maintenance
– Marketing, sales and communications

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